About the database

The ESPON database began its development in the 2006-2013 programming period, storing different types of data and data-related functionalities from various sources relevant for territorial analysis and monitoring.

It has been upgraded during 2017-2020 in order to make it more efficient, more user-friendly, and more connected to the ESPON toolbox as well as outside world via web services. It is able to store and distribute efficiently several types of data, from local to global, from tabular to GIS, from administrative to gridded data. In addition, the database activity keeps ESPON core datasets up-to-date and provides support on data-related issues.

Scientific support

Scientific support to policy development

The ESPON 2020 Database Portal provides timely, accurate statistical information which enables policy-makers, practitioners, researchers and other stakeholders to address a wide range of issues in today’s rapidly-evolving global economic and social landscape. The ESPON 2020 Database Portal gathers and harmonises international statistical data in a multidisciplinary environment which is a key to international comparative analysis and policy work.