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  • Map Kits
  • The Map Kits section provides with the necessary material to create maps for several study area. Each mapkit includes georeferenced geometries and map templates, which follow the corporate identity of the ESPON Programme. These Map Kits are available in several formats (Quantum GIS, ArcGIS, Philcarto). Their access is restricted to logged users.
    There are 9 Map Kits

  • Data Tools
  • The Data Tools section proposes programs in R language and OLAP Cube applications useful for analysing and transforming territorial data.
    There are 6 Data Tools

  • Technical Documents
  • The Technical Documents section contains a set of standalone booklets called technical reports. Technical Reports focus on methodological questions related to data and metadata that are regularly requested in ESPON projects and try to summarise the collective knowledge.
    There are 29 Technical Documents

  • Territorial Data
  • The Territorial Data section is structured in several sub-categories for the different types of data (Local, Urban, World, Grid, Historical and Other data).
    There are 38 Territorial Data

  • Documents of Interest
  • The Documents of Interest section includes reports and datasets of reference, which can be especially useful for people interested in data production in an European context. At the moment, the documents available in this section have been provided by Eurostat and European DGs.
    There are 4 Documents of Interest

  • ESPON Background Data
  • The Background Data section relates to data provided by ESPON Projects, whatever their format is. These resources aim at keeping the coherence of the databases produced within scientific projects, thanks to a consistent set of data, metadata, documentation and examples.
    There are 44 ESPON Background Data