ESPON Database Portal Documentation

This document proposes some guidelines on how to use the main functionalities of the ESPON Database Portal. The chapters of this document match a possible way to browse the main menu items of the application:

Database and Web Services

The ESPON 2020 Database gives access to several hundred data and information resources that are stored in various ways. this section will explain the structure and the specification of the  database system.

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This section includes step-by-step instructions for performing specific operations such as how to deliver my data, and how to use web services

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ESPON 2020 Data

This section includes information about the migration process from the 2013 database, the update strategy for core data, and the process for data delivery.

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User Interface

The documentation for the user interface introduces its main functions, and explains the different data/metadata uploads and the validation processes

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Administrator Module

Manage some specific elements of the Portal (e.g.: Data, Tracking, Resource, Tasks, Nomenclature, ...)