Database and Web Services

Database system

The goal of this work package is to dispose of a database system that will allow the storage of the great variety of ESPON 2013 and 2020 data and information (including their related metadata), as well as their access through an integrated entry point.

Web Services - OGC

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) services in this section include:

  • Services related to metadata exchange: catalogue services
  • Services related to geographic data exchange: map, feature and coverage services

Web Services - REST

REST web services are used to to enable third-party applications to access ESPON data in an interoperable and seamless manner.

The main functionalities that can be provided by such web services are: (1) data discovery, (2) data visualization, (3) data filtering, and (4) data download.

Project archive and Indicator package generation

Comprehensives outputs of Projects Deliveries.

Database and content statistics

Quantitative information (charts) on the types of elements present in the database