Search and Download


The Search & Download interface allows to find and access the following elements:

  • ESPON base, background and territorial indicators
  • ESPON project data package
  • Resource

It also includes a Home page and an Article content type which allows to insert editorial contents.

In this page

ESPON search screenshot

The search engine use Apache Solr and the user interface is rendered through a stack of JavaScript behaviors on top of the Django Framework

The index includes all data types of the Database. Then, it’s now possible to search in a unified manner across Indicators but also Resources and Project data package (+ Dataset if you are connected to the Data Upload). Note that Indicators are setup with higher ranking than the other content types. 

Facets exposes the dimensions and characteristics of the Database and each facets items include a filter which allow the user to drill down through and narrow his research.

The keywords search is made across multiple fields of the database which are indexed "offline" (e.g.: title, abstract, keywords, territorial information, etc, ...) during an asynchronous task. Note that a “boosting” parameter is made on title so matching and that field will be ranked higher. An Autocomplete behavior is applied to this input which suggest words combination originating from the Database.

Finally, the facets filters or the keywords search is made through asynchronous requests without loading the whole page. This improves the user interface response performance but also provides an improved user experience since the stats of the page is kept across the different requests (e.g.: opened facet a kept open).

Main types

Indicator Key data 

Indicators that are considered by the projects as their main results. As outputs of different types of data processing, they may have multiple parent (background) indicators. All key indicators use a standard nomenclature.” => full metadata. 

Indicator Base data

“time-series of base data (e.g. population, Gross Domestic Product) originating from official sources, such as Eurostat or National Statistical Offices, and complemented by estimations in case of data gaps.” => full metadata. 

Indicator Other data

Includes background indicators (used in the process of creating a key indicators) and Territorial data. 

Project data package

These package compile the elements delivery of the ESPON Applied Research.


Includes the following data types:

  • Technical Document 
  • Tool 
  • Mapkit

Features overview

  • Solr search engine
  • Facets and filters drill down
  • Keywords search with Autocomplete behavior
  • Asynchronous requests without full page load

Indicators view

This provides indicators display of data as graph or map and statistics plus metadata and downloads.

Graph section

The Territorial-Unit select input allows the user to search and add specific set on the Graph.

Map section

This provides a display of the Territorial unit across the Indicator territorial nomenclature version and level.

Metadata / Download section


All attributes are available under this section.


The following items are available:

  • Data (JSON, browse webservice)
  • Metadata INSPIRE (XML)
  • Metadata ESPON (printable)
  • Indicator package (CSV+XLS)
  • Indicator package (SHAPE)
  • Project package (all data of the related project

Statistics section

Provides and display of the data staticstics.

Others views

Project data package and Resource are displayed through their own page.