ESPON project package: 'HERITAGE - The Material Cultural Heritage as a Strategic Territorial Development Resource'

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The service shall attempt to quantify the contribution (impact) of material cultural heritage to economical development in the stakeholder countries and regions over the past 5 years. Building on the work done by the European Heritage Heads Forum’s Economic Task Force and the European Commission, this research activity will define a list of economic sectors on which the material cultural heritage has an impact and perform data collection on the selected impact indicators.

The main outcome should be a common theoretical framework, defining the most important economic sectors on which the material cultural heritage has an impact and developing the empirical evidence of such impact. This research activity will also develop a blueprint or in other words a step-by-step plan on how to build a monitoring system in the stakeholder countries that includes all actions necessary to obtain and maintain data for the defined impact indicators in the future.

This study is named as one of the key studies by the “European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage” (adopted by the European Commission in December 2018). Economic statistics and indicators produced will be useful for understanding the economic contribution of the material cultural heritage. Overall the results will promote evidence-based decision making related to protection and promotion of material cultural heritage.


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