ESPON project package: 'HOUSING - Big Data for Territorial Analysis and Housing Dynamics'

This readme file describes the content of this package.



Includes all the harmonised indicators created within the ESPON Big Data for Territorial Analysis and Housing Project.

In term of data collection, the aim of the project was to create harmonised indicators for 10 case-studies on housing issues:

Several data sources have been used in that order :

Data have been aggregated at LAU2 (version 2011) and 1km grid level (GEOSTAT 2011) for each of the case-studies.

Around 60 indicators have been produced by case studies based on this core information.

All the indicators are available at LAU2 level. Some of them at grid level (depending of data availability).

Moreover, the data itself includes some missing values. It corresponds generally to peripheral territorial units, low populated with no housing transaction or offer observed.

Moreover, the data delivery includes two datasets on European cities (core cities and FUA). It covers the available indicators on Eurostat, which are relevant for analysing housing issues and characteristics. These indicators have been used in the project to position the 10 case-study cities among the other European cities.

For more information on the conceptual and methodological framework used in this project, please have a look to the technical guidance document and the well-being report available in the ESPON Webpage of the project.

The project has been updated in 2022, with the addition of the analysis of the cross-border dimension.

To that end, the project includes 6 new case studies in which previous and new indicators are obtained and analysed:


Main Data

Other Data