ESPON archive for the project 'MSP-LSI - Maritime spatial planning and land-sea interactions'

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The MSP-LSI project have identified a potential opportunity to improve their planning processes through the coordinated, comparable and systematic acquisition and analysis of both marine and terrestrial data and information at regional level (NUTS 2 or NUTS 3, for the marine realm possibly also in alternative systems, e.g. grid based statistical classes). Such an approach would not only bring significant efficiencies in collecting, collating and analysing relevant social, economic and environmental data, but would also improve the understanding of wider regional level interactions.

The territorial evidence that will be produced within this targeted analysis will be useful for all Member States dealing with the implementation of the above-mentioned EU Directive and with MSP itself. The benefits of having useful data for MSP can help increase cross-border cooperation between EU countries (on cables, pipelines, shipping lanes, wind installations) and also increase coordination between administrations in each country through the use of a single instrument to balance the development of a range of maritime activities.


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