ESPON project package: 'TIA Tool Upgrade'

This readme file describes the content of this package.



The ESPON TIA Quick Check is an interactive tool assessing ex-ante the territorial impact of legislations, policies and directives. It allows the user to make a "quick and dirty" ex-ante analysis of the potential impact of EU legislation, policies and directives on the development of regions, which might be unanticipated and undesirable. The tool combines expert knowledge gathered in a workshop with a set of statistical data describing the characteristics of regions. The users are guided through the different steps of the impact analysis and receive assistance and guidance for preparing a territorial impact analysis.

The ESPON TIA Tool is developed to help steering an expert discussion in a workshop setting on the territorial effects of an EU policy proposal by checking all relevant indicators.

The first version of the TIA webtool was used in many practical applications. This process of extensive testing however also led to the identification of a number of possible improvements and wishes from policymakers for further development. Subsequently, the upgrade of the TIA webtool was conducted. The aim of upgrading the tool was threefold:

• Improve the existing functionalities and further increase the user-friendliness of the tool

• Further develop the tool and the methodology by implementing additional functionalities

• Test functionalities in a realistic setting by actually applying them in a TIA workshop


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