ESPON project package: 'TOURISM - Carrying capacity methodology for tourism'

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The objective of ESPON TOURISM project is to provide an empirical foundation for destinations and help local leaders assess their situation and identify vulnerabilities in relation to sustainable tourism in the respective territories. This foundation would enable the analysis of carrying capacity for tourism based on innovative and available indicators, including tourist arrivals, internet data, social media reviews, seasonality, and pollution with use of big data, new technologies, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing (HPC) to be applied to the management of any European tourist destination.

The study focused on a pilot case in Slovenia

The dataset contains indicators on carrying capacity, tourism flows, and several social media related indicators.

In 2022, a spin-off of the ESPON TOURISM project was conducted, focusing on Valchiavenna (IT) as the case study region and using three municipalities in Austria and Slovenia as comparative regions. Twelve tourism indicators and nine territorial indicators were collected.


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