ESPON archive for the project 'BusDev - Business Development Opportunities at External EU Borders'

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ESPON BusDev targeted analysis looks at regions at the EU external border from broad perspectives by addressing challenges and opportunities for development of entrepreneurship in the cross-border areas. It provides analytical insights for three stakeholder regions: Latgale in Latvia at the border with Russia and Belarus; Utena county plus two other adjacent local authorities in Lithuania at the border with Belarus and in the four Romanian counties at border with Moldova.

The project has compiled and collected data along two rationales:

(1) A structured data collection of relatively basic socio-economic indicators was implemented in all three regions to allow for both a description of patterns and trends in each stakeholder region and a comparison of the situation across the three regions. A total of 21 socio-economic indicators were collected at NUTS3 (LV, LT, RO) and Local Area Unit (LV, LT) levels.

(2) In order to provide an assessment of the local entrepreneurship potential in each region, six business vitality, attractivity and local resources related indicators were compiled. A synthetic index was calculated which was then put in perspective with the absorption of European Structural Investment Funds in the period 2014-2020. These indicators support recommendations on how to streamline allocation of business support measures at EU borders for the next programming period (2021-2027).


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