ESPON project package: 'EMPLOY - Geography of New Employment Dynamics in Europe'

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The purpose of this research is to explore the dynamics within Europe’s regions in order to unpack the key policy factors, trends and territorial endowments driving the locational preferences of new employment creation. It shall further draw out the key policy lessons for Cohesion Policy in addressing the apparent contradictory forces and tensions at play in promoting knowledge economy sectors as a key pathway for growth and the impact for territorial cohesion.

The EMPLOY project’s emphasis on the interlinkages between knowledge economies (as growing industries), migration (as an indicator of socio-economic change) and regional development provided useful insights for Cohesion Policy.

The Covid-19 pandemic is dramatically changing mobility patterns, the knowledge economy structural and localisation patterns, and labour market and socio - economic conditions across and within EU regions.

In this context, an update of the project has been carried out in 2022 in order to to improve, complete and update the information, analysis and maps provided in the previous EMPLOY study.


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