Resource: UMZ: a database now operational for urban studies (M4D improvements)

Type: Technical Document - Dec. 20, 2018, midnight

1. Updating and improving the methods : for naming UMZ: Generic methods have been elaborated for improving the computation of population starting from grids, for assigning names to UMZ and for checking the validity of the assigned names according to different urban databases. 2. Elaborating the UMZ-LAU2 dictionary of correspondence: In order to populate UMZ database with LAU2 databases, a generic method for adjusting urban objects to local administrative units has been elaborated. 3. Populating UMZ with SIRE database: A generic method has been constructed for allocating LAU2 indicators into UMZ objects. Different SIRE indicators have been expertised, regarding completeness and robustness criteria. Results are presented for age structure.