Data management (for Standard Indicator)

Data management (for Standard Indicator)

Data management for Standard Indicator must be done through the Data and Metadata Upload interface as Super User. The procedure can be summarized as follow:

  • Find the related Dataset

  • Download the existing Standard Data file

  • Edit the entry(ies) that need to be modified within the downloaded data file

  • Upload and the data file; this will trigger it’s checking against the Metadata

  • Insert the data file entries into the Database

So, first locate the Dataset and click the ‘Data’ tab. Then access the existing Data file in the ‘Manage Standard Data file’ page as shown in the figure bellow. Download the data file and make the appropriate modification you require directly in that file. Once the needed modification is done upload the Data file (using the same page from where the file as download). This will trigger its checking against the Metadata of the related Dataset. Now, the ‘Insert data file into database’ link will is where you can process the effective insertion of the Data file items into the Database.